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Under I'm so cofused, there's alot of grief in the world and too much cofusion. Confusion, whatever.
I can picture this one...Me saying Snap Crackle Pop! "Where we partying on Friday? And I don't drink anymore. Then some smartass says "Or any less!". I say wrong answer asshole. I don't and I can't and even maybe could never stand it. I sure got sucked in by it though. WOW! Nice to be in your right mind, sometimes. All I'm sayin! And I had to throw this in here. Good Attention Getter that I am. Oboy! Don't go there, my style. I'll take all this heat with a smile as I add to the mix. Listen very hard, Thanks Classic Rock Station. I gotta go now, neck ache and migraine. POOP!
Information is what this site is all about. We have entered the Age Of Information in as much as many people would like to avoid it.
You gotta love a sore loser....or someone who rufuses with all they got CERTAIN elements of change. Now that reminded me of my science teacher Mr. Cerny. Cernantly you can understand why when I tell the story about Urpo Ruuska, [God Rest His Sole], about how my 9th grade science teacher told Greg B. how bad his head was at (even) growing hair, "not good at all". And washing test tubes at 5 am and calling people vegetables (I think Bruzer was a rutabage. When it came to metric measures how many? He asks....SPUDS?
Then, my books are falling off my desk (school/work/play/no sleep) and I grab them in mid-air (scared as hell of dropping them and pissing off Urpo). Yup, I caught them and he commended me for at least being faster than Gravity. Thank God he liked me.......I think Gary Cerkvenik, our local politician, Jim Kinnally, Ken Kemen, Haldane Peterson, to name a few, and myself were his pets. I vied hard for that position...and in Chemistry the next year. We were 1976 MI High and of course you know the rest, because everyone's High School was the Best and if it weren't you didn't have TEAM SPIRIT> Eat that up Classmates .com.
I really have to let this cat out of the bag. I been dating a sheep. Yup and the shep say slep when the pet porki Toufgrra said Good Bye. I'm GLAD 4 U! But ner it dare 2 be a woman.
Did it ever occur to some people that someone is being Miss-Under-Stood? Or MZUNDASTUD STOOD? Whatever! How does it feel? I need to quite playin with grenades and quiet my print, if ya get what I'm sayin. So, Michael Has had the focus, keep it bro, it's yers! Nope, He goes into hiding...well, I can't hide anymore. My Anonymity has been trashed by "The System".
Me Da "Bunde, Bundee, Bundy, Bunder (from under, of course), The Bundeman in any case, can't avoid that! But,"". I got a haircut and getting that real job. Right Josh? I love you, too, Man! You know we not alone. Sure got some kinda Radar Love Connection tho...with the haircut address and being that I designed my sisters Shear Image...Magic Style and that address is Like Wide Open Central Park Virginia, "We Bad, I guess! In a GOOD WAY though". I think, and I DO!

Remember we support Brain Injury, Tuberous Sclerosis, Disabled Parents of Handicapped Children, for which I may have to Create Foundation(s).
That is one reason we need Donations RIGHT NOW! Or SOON! This group needs to advertise new blood. One way I am trying to do something, which I said I was done being a ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIONISM, which I always won with that word in spelling bees, IS, I created a YAHOO! Group called
The affiliate income will go to pay me $100. or so a week for keeping the business tight and the rest to a slush fund organized by and directed at the Organization after Web Related Expenses. What our board of directors does for my chosen Foundations will be decided then. I was a successful Landlord for 8 yrs. and Remodeling Contractor with 3 pages of References, BELIEVE THAT!
The business is being formed as a NON-PROFIT Corporation, at this point. Once formed, I imagine it will HAVE TO stay that way. Any other ideas OUT THERE!?

Subscribe to Decriminalization
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Help Doctor Deluca and see the Crackdown on doctors video

One can only conclude that "The Myth of the Chilling Effect" DEA press release is grossly and purposefully misleading, and statistically childish.

I am a chronic pain patient making my case here via the Pain Relief Network.

I happened to be working on this page when I decided to add this link to a search I did at Yahoo! for streetsmart...should be on my seo page too. Or is that spamming search engines?

Corrupt Cop Stories

Safer Ways

Say hi to Sam at Street Smart Books for me!

Drug Politics Books from!

Plug In Jack 2

Get Plugged in ...and Bunde-wise!
Make us your first stop on the net. Download the Alexa toolbar that is Bundefied! It has a Button Link to this site and besides being Alexa-wise, it has a pop-up blocker which you can shut off if you have the Yahoo! Spybar.
Presently, Alexa offers a Spyware Scan, but the software must be purchased to do MORE than that. It might be an option for you. Download the toolbar on my Web Design Page and see. I recommend it to all Cable or DSL users.
My spyware program SpyBot removed it (my button), but I was able to rescue it and exclude it from being messed with again by Spybot. You need to leave Alexa and Alexa related out of the scan and then it'll be fine. I'd like to know what folks think think now that my Blog is done.

I will be providing Guided Tours of the Northland. More info? Please e-me for it.

Oh, I was asked if I was a writer. Yes, I am. I';; get that backpack back, soon!"

You know how Eminem does that dog thing? I do it here! As I say, capische? Or Capeach, where the ladies are concerned.

Here's a Question for all you Non-Bunde Supporters. If your kids aren't hanging with me, do you know where they'll be? I aim to take the Kids focus. I'm Right On with the Times, Where we came from, and Where we're going! Trust ME and ME only. DownTownPublishing will not go anywhere without you on the Web for the next 3 yrs. I am and have been Blessed By GOD in alot of Departments. I am Street Smart eunf to know that some folks don't need to know some things while others need to and do know alot. I fit that@! I know where one catagory of information ends and another begins. Stay Tuned to be SURE! I will SHOW YOU MY STUFF and what I am made out of.....GOOD STUFF! Mr. Bundefied's Wild I-net Ride was a spontaneously created poem I made for and scored in the TOP 33 of 2001, U.S. This poem was published. I'll add it here later, when I find it.

Attention ALL
Bunde is back!
He's packin' heat!

On the Brighter Side Just a little note. I challenge Nancy Grace to a "System Off".
Let's see who knows more about our Criminal Justice System.
If you don't take this challenge, I suggest you give up your position as a News person!

Wisdom and People Skills

ok, this is a
good page to let
this word out on.
I write it you read it.
Is it garbled? A little bit on some pages. I would say!
But, for the most part, once you
pass the garbled part, it makes sense again. I hope!
If you still have questions un-answered I'd be happy to try to answer them.
Use either the contact_us or email page.
Each has it's UNIQUE qualities about it. For different purposes.

I will be working on pages like this month and would like to hear how people feel about what they see here so stay tight, man! Ladies! Could be that I'm spreading myself thinner than KY, but B.K. stands for more than Burger King. OR British Knights, so the gang didn't need to wear GANG Signs and Special Shoes, Hats, or Underwear to be "The Gang". Some people's correctional people's kids or whatever, don't really get it. The Leader of the Pack. I considered myself to be a leader and never considered being a follower, except for following the law (even if I don't like some of them, especially one's that inhibit people's freedom) since I could've very well been a New York Lawyer. Now there's a subject to ponder. We had Dave who played drums and his Beach Boys counterpart with the "Roll Bars"! The gang consisted of West Va. and neighboring COOL PEOPLE. We did not exclude people who were poor, most of us came from barely Middle Class familys. On my right side Virginia folks. West Va. left center. Parkville Mid-Row and Mt. Iron. What more could a Graphic Designer to be ask for?
The GANG rocks!

"Rock-N-Roll is my life and this is my song" -Randy Bachman/Bundefied

I have recently applied for a Small Biz loan and will hear shortly, but have plans for wirelessness and a Gallery somewhere. I hope this happens right.
I can't even afford to smoke cigs anymore.

Letter to parents of The Artist
Razorwire is for people who restrict other people's freedoms.

Visit the Web Design Page to download the Alexa Toolbar that is Bunde-tastic!

For Sale 2


Visit - Woodworking Superstore!

Questions, Concerns, Comments? Please email!

This site powered by !Pink Floyd! a Band of Another Realm, the one in your mind that takes you back, that machines you forward... 'or that is dare as a Cunbayfiiggeekkah' (or something like that), quoted from the song "Several Species Of Small Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict" !

This website is updated nearly daily! That means even more meaningful content! The Bundeman is YOUR WEB WatchDOG! Your internet  detective/prowler/Security Chief by day or night. I am the closest thing to McGruff that I know, in the flesh.

So BUY MINNESOTAN and treat him right. OK?

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